Chill Server for Making New Friends! 21+ SFW Harvest Moon Themed! Also looking for mods! Come build our cosy and wholesome community!

2021.09.21 16:43 sallybeany Chill Server for Making New Friends! 21+ SFW Harvest Moon Themed! Also looking for mods! Come build our cosy and wholesome community!

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2021.09.21 16:43 ZiggyShelby My no fap journey

So far I have done 24 days of no fap the journey hasn't been smooth and easy I have slipped 5 times discouraging I know but I still keep on going. My slips haven't been so terrible that I had to reset my no fap counter that's a good sign and I have been working on preventing such encounters. However right now I have experiencing a flatline I don't feel motivated to read or play games anymore I'm scared that I might go back to my old path, please what should I do?
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2021.09.21 16:43 Welburn-Kemp Thoughts on the Richmond, VA legal scene

I'm a 2nd year attorney working for legal aid in Texas. My family and I are thinking of moving to Virginia, specifically to RVA. I can transfer my MBE, but will need to take the Virginia Essay portion of the bar exam to get my VA law license. If you have thoughts on that process, please share! But my main question is what the RVA legal scene/legal market is like. My focus has been legal aid and poverty law, so I am aware of LAJC and CVLAS, but I am open to changing fields! I've seen a lot more opportunities in Charlottesville, but since I'm not in RVA it can be tough to get a sense of what jobs are available. VA law students and lawyers, what are your thoughts?
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2021.09.21 16:43 jasontaken MAn PoIsONs bEaR thEn crUsHes HiM to dEATH

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2021.09.21 16:43 FeudalFavorableness Ember Labs Buyout Predictions

Purely Speculative Question: Considering how well Kena is reviewing on PS & PC; how long do you think before Sony or MS tries to buy them out to secure the clearly amazing talent at the studio?
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2021.09.21 16:43 ZigzagOOOG It's a goddam shanty town!

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2021.09.21 16:43 ZoobBot 174441

This is the 174441st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.21 16:43 Maybe_Im_Confused My most rare SNES game, Blockbuster Exclusive (1994)

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2021.09.21 16:43 socialgal4893 Which Sports are Most Associated with Eye Injuries?

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2021.09.21 16:43 Euphoric-Tutor5970 Does anyone have a goblin slayer avatar

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2021.09.21 16:43 hotorico We visited some beaches a few times while we were in San Diego last month πŸ–οΈ

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2021.09.21 16:43 RandomGuy1o1 So I have a theory about sukuna

Soo it may sound dumb but let's begin and yeah English isn't my first language so sorry for any grammar mistakes
I have a theory, since sukuna was a human(1000 years ago) so he maybe a jujutsu sorcerecurse user. And he participated in a culling game, since we don't know what the winner gets, i think it's the black dialogue box that sukuna opened in shibuya while fighting Jogo. And the culling game says about curse technique removal, therefore all the techniques that are removed are placed in said box, and the winner gets the box. Sukuna won his culling game therefore he gets the box which holds multiple cursed techniques
This just made me thinking more what will be the prize after winning culling games and what do u think about this theory thanks for reading :)
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2021.09.21 16:43 Potat_h0e Has anyone from India ordered for stuff from notebook therapy?

It’s been more than 3 weeks since I placed my order with them and all that’s happened is that it went from Shanghai to Beijing and back again. (I’d also originally thought it was based in South Korea or Japan, but apparently this is not the case.) Anyhoo, for those of you who have ordered from there, how long did it take for your stuff to reach you? Note: A portion of my order was already rejected at customs, so I’m assuming the rest of the order got through this phase.
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2021.09.21 16:43 ghoul07 bottom growth/irritation

i started T for the second time, and i’m about three months in. this time around i have experienced way more discomfort with bottom growth and it’s often extremely irritated/itchy/dry. i’ve tried wearing looser boxers, aquaphor, and a very gentle anti-itch cream, but nothing is really helping too much. does anyone have any tips or a similar experience?
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2021.09.21 16:43 Unique-Word-3548 Mesprit adding 5 only 026090072417

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2021.09.21 16:43 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.21 16:43 Afkali This is my Desk Set Up. What Would u add? I neef a lot of space on my desk as im sometimes painting on it.

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2021.09.21 16:43 Asendor Your Reaction to Berserk's Chapter 364

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2021.09.21 16:43 hereisherb Free Comic on Amazon

Hi guys, if you have Amazon Prime/Kindle, the first HZD comic is available for free today. Just search for "horizon zero dawn free comic book day issue"
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2021.09.21 16:43 realsyedshah Come Get Your Computershare Shill Antidote Here

My answer to shills saying DTCC still has certificates, check the docs, still with DTCC etc. etc. is the following:
It doesn't matter. The share certificates will do whatever the share certificates will do. All that changes will be the name on the certificate. Instead of X broker having Y shares, it'll have my name, and how many shares I own. Where will this name and number show up? Computershare doesn't have access, they can just add and remove from this hypothetical booklet, but they can't see inside. DTCC has the actual certificates but Computershare keeps the tab. So if none of the above can see inside this hypothetical booklet, who can?
WHOOOO dear shill???? Who can see inside the booklet? GameStop of course. What do the words fiduciary duty mean to you? If that booklet has more than 76 odd mill shares in there. Let's just say my grandmother could fight that case in the supreme court and she doesn't speak English. The entire game revolves around it being unprovable that there are more shares in existence than there should be.
When shit hits the fan there is only 1 entity I trust. GameStop. I want them to know I exist and I am a shareholder in the company. Directly. IDGAF about ANY broker, they've long since lost my trust. Same with the SEC, the FED, the Gov, everyone. I may be smooth brained but even I'm not that smooth brained.
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2021.09.21 16:43 xxxJohnWickxxx1 Need advice from people who have been in similar position

Am I making a mistake declining offers for Infrastructure Automation/SRE Ops roles in product companies and going for Backend development roles in mid-size service based/Big 4 companies?
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2021.09.21 16:43 prathams376 I'd like to tutor someone

Hey there everyone. I'm a 2d animator who's been animating for 2 years and I'd like to share my knowledge and make a few bucks along the way too during my break. If anyone wants to get into 2d animation or wanna refine their skills then hit me up. I'll be charging 20 dollars an hour Cheers
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2021.09.21 16:43 ThrowAway184824 My (16m) girlfriend's (14f) friends don't like me because I'm shy

I'm 16 and my girlfriend is 14 and I usually hang out with her and her friends after school, like when we ride the bus home or whatever, and I don't think her friends like me, they always call me a weirdo, ugly, slow, and quiet all because I'm not a social person and they don't like quiet people for some reason, they only talk shit about me when my girlfriend is not around them, what should I do?
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2021.09.21 16:43 N-theFoodie11 mood bc i still have the long message πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

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2021.09.21 16:43 Shtoompa Alternative Skorpius turrets?

I remember seeing a post here of a Disintegrator with what looked like a conversion Beamer for a turret, and I’m looking for other things like that. Anybody got any STL or 3rd party designs?
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