Técnico do COAF.

2021.09.21 15:45 HueBrCG Técnico do COAF.

Galera, ultimamente o COAF tem intensificado bastante seus trabalhos. Principalmente por conta da pandemia, tem um volume imenso de dados fora do padrão. Tem gente importante, que pode ser preso amanhã, comprando mansão sem comprovação de renda compatível e ameaçando em redes sociais quem poderia investigar. A crise é séria. O que tem nos chamado mais atenção é uma padaria pequena que cobrou 100 reais de um cara que só comprou 1 bauru, 1 suco de laranja, 1 queijo quente, 200g de queijo e 200g de muçarela.
Pelo que tudo indica, amanhã a PF vai bater na porta às 6:00 e o café vai ser na delegacia.
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2021.09.21 15:45 rus_sianh_ck Vacation Rental Or Long Term properties for income stream.

I am considering two options in this market, one is a renovating a huge detached garage into a single bedroom apartment/condo. The location is right on a very popular lake and would offer vacation renters launch access, covered parking, and a fantastic view. It's about ten minutes from some of the best restaurants and shopping in the area.
The other option is to just purchase a single family home, duplex, or possibly 3 unit building and renting that out on a one year lease.
The upside of the first option, at least to my mind, is that I can control the duration of stays, get into the unit regularly for repairs, control rates, and just generally control the unit. The second option, I think has advantages too such as being able to generally have an income stream, less administrative work [advertising, agreements, paying cleaners, etc]..
Anyone have thoughts on which way to go? This is midcoast Maine.
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2021.09.21 15:45 Acceptable-Barnacle3 Persona on Nintedo Switch (P5, P4G)

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2021.09.21 15:45 Acceptable_Notice533 💊 ADArall | 7% ADA Reflections Paid Hourly | Stealth Launched | Dev in Voice | Huge Marketing Wallet | Big Plans for Long Term Growth | Don’t Miss This Chance! 💊

Feeling like the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is full of rugs and honeypots? Finding it hard to focus on the best kind of cheese? No, not cheese. Focus, concentrate, ADArall!
The newest stealth launched project you won’t want to miss out on. A revival like no other, a token you will not want to take your eyes off of as the chart skyrockets! ADARall rewards all its users in Cardano (ADA) reflections, paid out every hour.
ADArall has a unique set of taxes, which will help us pay for a lot of early marketing, fund liquidity, but also, to help reflect a lot of Cardano to our holders. This dev is very trusted and has been helping people earn Cardano for the past month. Some people have even earned over 100 ADA each!
The project is 100% safe, and the dev will not honeypot or rug you. We pride ourselves on our community engagement and our communities wants and needs. All marketing decisions are based on what the community wants. Pinned in a telegram? Twitter influencer? Coin Sniper? We are happy to hear your thoughts!
People lack patience and want a pump and dump. Very few people are interested in investing in a project long-term. We want the community to feel safe and comfortable sleeping on their $ADDERALL bags and want them to not be worried that they will wake up to a dead chart. We plan on running We are creating a community and a project, teaching the importance of patience in cryptocurrency. People need to stay focused and don’t make bad decisions guided by their emotions. This is a project, where you HOLD the ADArall and you will get rewarded in Cardano ($ADA). DEV IS FOCUSED ON HELPING COMMUNITY IN VC!
ADArall - Tokenomics ⚙️
🚚 Supply: 1,000,000,000
🧮 Decimals: 9
💰 Max Wallet: 30,000,000
ADArall Taxes (10%):
🅰️ 6% ADA reflection fee
💦 2% Liquidity fee
📈 2% marketing fee
Useful ADArall Links:
🚀Contract: 0xa4e471a1753a6fd4844d8d45580015ab9d96d1ee
💰 Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa4e471a1753a6fd4844d8d45580015ab9d96d1ee
🔓 LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x29809fe07323a1559ce369da1d180b57285087ff
✅ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa4e471a1753a6fd4844d8d45580015ab9d96d1ee#readContract
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2021.09.21 15:45 NobodyYouKnow465 Any clue on what this could be?

So for the past 3-4 years, I’ve noticed that if I don’t do certain movements, (crossing fingers, touching inside of palm, spreading fingers apart, etc) I feel just really weird and almost incomplete? it applies to objects to. Like if i don’t step on that rock over there i’m gonna feel weird for the rest of the day. it drives me crazy so any help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.21 15:45 Ground_zero__ my brother keeps saving porn shit (also my mom forced me to have a joint account with him)

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2021.09.21 15:45 DoctorWheeze When SHOULD you use a semicolon in CSS? One RFC 2119-compliant user has strong opinions on the matter.

Full thread: https://www.reddit.com/webdev/comments/ps7wp3/why_is_that_if_i_combine_the_contents_of_the/hdnv4oa/
OP posts a simple thread in /webdev asking for help with a problem they were having with some CSS. Users quickly identified that probably the problem was they were missing a semicolon (which in fact did turn out to be the issue), resulting in the CSS being invalid when not separated into multiple rulesets. Several users also mention that every CSS rule should have a semicolon at the end. However, as one user notes, this is not technically correct! You see, the last rule in a ruleset does not require a semicolon! They let everyone know across multiple comment threads:
No. See CSS rules. You are wrong.
Furthermore you should not use the term "should" if you should not. There are RFC regulations on how to use these terms such as can, should, must etc.
Your terminology is correct. It is good practice. But why do you wrongly assume that I don't use this damn semicolon at the end and that I "obviously need to learn it"? Because I do use it. But I don't teach others that it is required or essential where it is not. Novices often make mistakes later when switching to JSON etc.
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2021.09.21 15:45 zubaz69 Donald Trump's Lawyer Not Worried Trump Org Indictment Named Him

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2021.09.21 15:45 CatpricornStudios Proper Painted Muse

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2021.09.21 15:45 UnrealWhale Vmware freezing with "vm-user" icon pop up

i'm running a fresh install of linux on a windows host with vmware and after a few min icon pops up with 'vmware-user' and the entire system freezes.

linux is running gnome shell. i've never had this happen before until i upgraded to vmware pro.
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2021.09.21 15:45 just_a_tiger_ Is my MONKE profile good enough?

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2021.09.21 15:45 chrisdh79 Leaked Apple Training Videos Show How It Undermines Third- Party Repair

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2021.09.21 15:45 Cashmere_Cowboy Baltic Exchange Indices - Daily Print

BDI 4410 (+106)
BCI 6785 (+298)
BPI 3930 (+14)
BSI 3327 (+8)
The Baltic Exchange Dry Index rose 2.5% to 4,410 on Tuesday, its highest since November of 2009 and extending gains to a third straight session, driven by higher rates across all vessel segments amid ongoing shipping constraints and an overall rebound in commodities demand. The capesize index, which tracks iron ore and coal cargos of 150,000-tonnes, climbed 4.6% to 6,785, its highest in 12 years; and the panamax index which tracks cargoes of about 60,000 to 70,000 tonnes of coal and grains, advanced for a ninth straight session, adding 0.4% to 3,930, its highest in over five weeks. Among smaller vessels, the supramax index increased for a seventh straight session, rising 8 points to 3,327, its highest in over two weeks. (Source: Baltic Exchange)
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2021.09.21 15:45 Brief_Chest102 E

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2021.09.21 15:45 NicoBelic-Nr1 Cheaper to mine BTC when price drops? ♻️💲📈

What do u think of this?
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2021.09.21 15:45 hiimlonley It’s just a little STUPID

Does anyone else feel like they are blamed for stuff you had no idea about. Like I’m in trouble for stuff no one told me about. I’ll be blamed for not filling something out that 1. No one told me existed 2. Isn’t even in my room. It’s in a different room. Wtf
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2021.09.21 15:45 KirilenkoAK47 Gone Fishin'

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2021.09.21 15:45 imthemanddue What's safer? Driving a car, or crossing the street?

I drive everywhere but I'm considering walking to places from now on but I want to know if crossing the street as a pedestrian increases my chances more than driving a car on that street would. I understand both are dangerous and yield chance of death but which option has the least likely chance of death?
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2021.09.21 15:45 Fxon I want to feel your hairline now

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2021.09.21 15:45 Elisabethomet Found them at a flea market a few years ago, but forgot their names by now.

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2021.09.21 15:45 Flames826 Boyfriend doesn’t put any effort into our relationship

Hi, I (f19) need advice. I’ve tried everything at this point. So my(21m) boyfriend of two years is refusing to do any legwork in our relationship. He doesn’t really do anything for me besides buy me stuff occasionally(which he also complains about.) I’m always the one who has to tell him what we do, when we hang out, what he wears, when to have sex, what he can say to help me feel better, when to compliment me, etc.. It really, really bothers me. Especially because when I don’t ask him to hang out we will go weeks without hanging out and he’ll get all sad because “I’m ignoring him.” I’ve talked to him about it multiple times and he always says he’ll do better. He does better for a day and then slips right back into those habits. Whenever he makes me sad or makes me cry he always just says “I’m sorry” and nothing else. Or he’ll get angry and demand to know why I’m crying.
For the past few months, I’ve been talking to him about getting a place together. He always just says “maybe” or comes up with some excuse. But for the past few days he keeps talking about getting a place with his friends. Even though 3-4 of them already live together and I need a roommate (aka my bf.) Obviously that made me very upset but he told me I’m freaking out over nothing and being dramatic. I hardly see him as it is and now he wants to move in with his friend. He tried to make me feel better by saying I can “come over sometimes.” Like wtf?
I explained to him I’m upset because even though he knows I received a lung transplant not too long ago and that I don’t have much time left to live, he seems to take me for granted. All he said was, “I know, sorry.” There have been times where I was on the verge of sucde and all he can say to me is “I’m sorry.” I’m really at a loss here. He doesn’t want to breakup but he doesn’t want to put any effort in. What should I do?
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2021.09.21 15:45 baked_tea Slovenské batérie do elektroautomobilov od firmy InoBAT očarili svet.

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2021.09.21 15:45 RealAnthonyCamp NYC Theaters Challenge Vaccine Mandate On Free Speech Basis: Suit

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2021.09.21 15:45 Joseph_Est My best ever Insight. Only needed 3 hel's this time.

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2021.09.21 15:45 PsychologicalGarbage Ouch

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