IYO, What is the best NJPW match in the 1993?

2021.09.21 15:18 AC_the_Panther_007 IYO, What is the best NJPW match in the 1993?

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2021.09.21 15:18 lordhong PSA: Canada preorder benefits (doubled)

To fellow Canadians, I think most carriers had the preorder bonuses of charger+buds for the flip, and charger+buds+pen for the fold, through the benefits section in the Samsung members app.
Well... both vouchers are there, they're different and you can redeem them both (it works for the fold, I see no reason why it wouldn't work for the flip). Since no IMEI, serial, whatnot is asked, you can just redeem both vouchers like that. Enjoy your two chargers, two buds and the pen for free :)
Sorry if it's a repost, but I did search for that and couldn't find it.
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2021.09.21 15:18 NeosNYC Which city do you think has the best skyline?

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2021.09.21 15:18 sgeorgeshap Astro Gaming A10 Headset and Blue Microphone Giveaway (10/01/2021) {WW}

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2021.09.21 15:18 Nothowbutwhy I am certain that my highschool crush and I have feelings for each other. But we are both in 9 year strong relationships.

I (m30) have been talking to my highschool crush over the last year since we caught up for a highschool reunion. We were very close back then and I always had feelings for her but she always had a boyfriend so I let it go.
Now she is married with kids and I am engaged. We've been with our respective partners for 9 years, but for the last year since we reconnected there has been some seriously steamy talk between us, she also revealed to me she had feelings of her own and I'm unsure what to do.
I have always loved this girl, but my fiance captured me in the same way she did and I love her all the same. I'd like to think that my feelings are mainly lust but I'm not sure where she stands because this has been a constant thing since last year.
Part of me wants to organise a hotel for a night so we can both "get it out of our systems" and get over it. Which is OBVIOUSLY a bad idea, but after only having a sexual interest in me once every 2 months my fiance feels quite distant.
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2021.09.21 15:18 Tomery3 I'm not sure if this fits here but I keep forgetting to water the pot plant next to my tank so I setup a pump and soil moisture sensor to do it for me.

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2021.09.21 15:18 rafletcher Seen in NYC near Columbia University - Reishi?

Seen in NYC near Columbia University - Reishi? Hey there all! Saw these while walking in NYC near Columbia. Any thoughts on what these are? I think they're reishi, but would like to be sure.
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2021.09.21 15:18 littleboy_cuddles I think you're really cool like... (ftm)

hey there. whatchu up to? I'm just on the floor listening to music and would love some company. so, chat me if you'd like, we could chat, listen to music together, anything. I'm here to chill and chat about anything at all. :)
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2021.09.21 15:18 fugkfugk How realistic is the gunplay In sniper elite vr?

Im thinking about buying the game and i was wondering if the gunplay is realistic, like lets say im reloading a pistol, do i cock it after ive put the mag or does it just magically auto cock like most games?
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2021.09.21 15:18 emb7323 Best Fantasy Basketball Magazine?

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2021.09.21 15:18 shootingbot Brownells: Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc. Winclean Pistol Powder

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2021.09.21 15:18 Consistent-Stuff-461 È la verità

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2021.09.21 15:18 Skurrio [Kingmaker/CotW] Any Input for an "naked" Barbarian with high AC?

I'm currently thinking about a defensive Barbarian Build das doesn't go for Armor but instead dips into Sacred Fist for the Wis to AC Bonus (AC Monk "Fix" is disabled). The current Cornerstones of the Build are:
Sacred Fist 2 for Flurry, Wis to AC and Improved Unarmed Strike.
Crusader 1 for Channel Energy and Weapon Focus.
Barb at least 16 von +4 natural AC through Beast Totem and +5 Guarded Stance.
Dodge, Crane Style, Crane Wing, Crane Reposte + Fighting Defensively = +4 (+8 against Melee) AC.
Shield Focus and Unhindering Shield for +7 with a +5 Buckler
Crusader's Flurry + Power Attack for Offense.
Overall, the Build feels a bit Feat starved (Combat Reflexes, Outflank and Size the Moment take another 3 Feats) and I'm unsure if 1 Cru/2 SF/17 Barb would be better than 1 Cru/1 Fi/2 SF/16 Barb because of tireless Rage or if the Bonus Feat of the Fighter is worth it. My current Test managed to achieve 67 AC while in Rage at Level 20.
So, does anyone have any Ideas to further improve the Build without deviating too much from the Core Concept? (A Vivi Dip would feel unfitting for a Barb, just to name an Example)
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2021.09.21 15:18 This_dude_here_IO I just made my first AMV and it would be nice if you guys could check it out!

Hello fellow straw hats, I just wanted to share the my first AMV that I made with you guys. It’s short and it’s not very elaborate, but it is really good quality though, and I feel like it feel into place really well. I am new to editing and I hope to get better at it over time, but I’m really happy with how my first AMV turned out. Please feel free to check it out, and the support would be great.
Luffy Vs Bullet Hali Clash AMV
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2021.09.21 15:18 UltraLayer Metal Spatula 4 pcs Set Tools Dental Carver Wax Surgical Instruments

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2021.09.21 15:18 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-george-eliot-2

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2021.09.21 15:18 GautamXo 5 years of Starboy! One of the most iconic song of the decade!

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2021.09.21 15:18 panporiz How do I find car seats that cover the WHOLE seat, not just half the seat?

The ones I see for sale cover the seat, but the sides are showing and it looks ugly.
do they make seat covers that cover the whole seat?
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2021.09.21 15:18 maximaaeez Binance Referral Id for Indians

There is always an influx of new Indian users wanting to get into crypto investment and trading. Using the the referral code, both the new joinee and I get the benefits. Hope this thread does not get deleted and we all be in a win win situation.
referral link 1
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Do tell if any of the link doesn't work, I'll surely update it ASAP
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2021.09.21 15:18 restless_wild Bumble butt - Sony A7R III w/ cheap macro rings and a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8

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2021.09.21 15:18 Lady_Ymir So the people of KL just accepted his new position of Hand to Bran?

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2021.09.21 15:18 TravisWWE12 Eva Marie

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2021.09.21 15:18 Thexwolverine69 Have the Mulan Vuitton “Home Invasion” sextape right here for free.join and Dm me here .Daily 15plus OF leaks and free lremium accounts.Link Never Expires .Enjoy

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2021.09.21 15:18 chaos-in-disguise Girls shorts are still shorts. I own it.

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2021.09.21 15:18 Idk_About_Life_Dude Gnomed

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