Why Kamala Harris Doesn't Understand This

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Comment prendre des cartes graphiques s'il vous plaît😂😂😂 nvidia
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2021.09.21 15:50 Tyop-bot Only one instance of program shown with Alt+Tab in Mate or Xfce?

I'm a long time user of Xfce, but I need to use several instances of different programs. Each in their own window. I know that in Gnome and KDE Plasma you can show only one instance of each program with Alt+Tab and then use Alt+` to switch between the different windows of the same program. I also know that Alt+` can be used for this in Xfce, but it doesn't help much when Alt+Tab shows every single window.
Is it possible to only show one instance of a program in Xfce, or in Mate, with Alt+Tab?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.21 15:50 Either_Put_2116 how to develop Clairsentience without over activating my sacral chakra

So I once did some Sacral Chakra meditation and I was seeing some random video and I could sense evil or evil energy coming out from voices of some people who def weren't good people from videos and the clairsentience effect lasted only for few minutes before it went away.
Is there a way to develop it without over activating my sacral chakra?
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2021.09.21 15:50 FluffySorbet [NO SPOILERS] Life is 2-D: True Monochrome (A short playable web/Gameboy proof of concept, based on TC)

So, some of you may remember my recent Gameboy/web adaptation of Life is Strange Episode 1 (complete and free to play!) - And yes, Episode 2 IS still in the works - so... I posted up a sprite image of Alex on Friday which proved very popular. And thus over the weekend, I knocked together a few screens in the same style, based on the first short sequence of True ColoUrs.
Again this is a tiny, short, barely-interactive experiment at putting the game into that same style, done as a tribute to the game itself.
More info on the actual game page on what it is/is not, and yes as with Life is 2-D Episode 1 this is an actual Gameboy thing, that can run in any browser on any device I'm aware of, or emulator, or hardware if you have the means.
Short? Silly? For fun?
Life is 2-D: True Monochrome, available FREE in web browser and .gb ROM formats!
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How do you choose and why? Community seems divided over these two choices. I was just wondering what you go with and why.
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I would like to vent about something that just happened.So I was in the room with my mom and my brother I was getting up to leave Bc the internet wasn’t great in there.When I get up to leave my mom says “Why are u leaving?” So I told her that the internet wasn’t great on there and I was trying to watch YouTube so I was leaving.She said “Why your not even supposed to be on that yOuTuBe” so I asked her why not. She said “You were never allowed on there and your brother can’t watch YouTube so u can’t either” (my brother is FIVE years old) I asked her when she ever said I wasn’t allowed on YouTube she says “You haven’t been allowed since u where seven” I said but I have been on it this whole time and u never stopped me. She says “Well I never knew that’s what u were on” In my head I’m just like how many times when u asked me what I was doing I replied with “watching YOUTUBE” like wtaf when I told her this she accused me of lying and had taken my phone away. She also likes to go through my phone because “I don’t need privacy” so yea how is your day?❤️
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2021.09.21 15:50 PckMan Does Haldor spawn in every seed or only some?

I am looking for Haldor. I've used the online map generator to see where he would spawn on my seed. I went to the closest area and ran all over it for 3 in game days straight and he did not appear. I am certain I was in the right place. Is there a point in trying the other locations or does he just not spawn in some worlds?
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2021.09.21 15:50 lifeislikeaboxof420 Make tarkov hardcore again

Game has become a smurfs fest , literally.
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2021.09.21 15:50 PlsHlpMyFriend Those Days with the Monsters - 43

It had been a few days since Grumpy had made the announcement that Captain Amelia was banned from part of the derelict. As a result, Kirell was now also functionally banned from the same areas. Whenever he entered Grumpy's space and carefully closed the door behind him, a very insistent series of squawks would eventually sound at the door until he came out. It had significantly startled Kirell initially, but at last the strange sounds had stopped, and he'd breathed a sigh of relief... until Captain Amelia rubbed against his legs. He could still hear the long litany of words Grumpy had released as he tried to find the route she'd used to get inside. After they'd found the unbelievably tiny hole she must have squirmed through, Grumpy let out another list of words, refused to explain them, and told Kirell to "go out and she'll follow you."
Kirell hadn't expected it to actually work, and yet he seemed to be capable of preventing Captain Amelia's return to Grumpy's lab by simply not going there himself. He didn't think she was following him; he rarely saw her. That might not be the best way to tell, come to think of it. Even so, ever since he was banned from the lab, Tinker said the cat hadn't tried to get back in. Kirell assumed Tinker was making some kind of joke that he didn't understand. Probably a species thing.
A loud thump recalled Kirell's mind to the present. Right. Oops. The thump had been him, landing on the mat again. He hadn't even fallen properly this time, as the dull ache in his hips demonstrated.
"What's distracting you, Squishy?" Smee asked, pulling him up. "It shouldn't be that easy."
"I, um..." Kirell's frills flared slightly at the quiet tap tap tap of padded paws. He still liked that word. Paws.
"Oh look, we have a visitor." Smee reached out to the cat and Kirell's frills pulsed a nervous yellow. Smee didn't have a metal hand. If she bit, there would be blood. Kirell didn't like Khuman blood. It was red, the color of alarm, and... he just felt uneasy seeing it. He wasn't sure why exactly.
Smee's hand went around the back of Captain Amelia's head and Kirell's frills flared; he was going to startle the beast. That seemed like a terrible idea, perhaps the worst he'd ever seen the Khumans have. Red crept into Kirell's frills as Captain Amelia's head moved up... and then Smee started rubbing it.
Head... pats? Did head pats work on a species like cats? But Captain Amelia pushed the back of her head into Smee's hand, as if asking for more. Apparently, yes, head pats did work on a cat.
"Hey, Squishy. C'm'ere." Smee gestured with his free hand; frills fuchsia and red, Kirell crept closer. "Here. Like this." Smee had grabbed one of Kirell's claws and brought it close to Captain Amelia's back. "Feel that?"
Captain Amelia was... shaking? But she didn't seem worried or unhappy. Kirell's frills turned a deeper fuchsia; what was this?
"That's a purr. You hear it? Captain Amelia's a loud one."
There was some sort of rumble in the air, but Kirell had assumed it was something mechanical. It was... the cat?
"Is she... does it hurt her?"
Smee abruptly burst out with a loud amusement noise. "She– no. No, it doesn't hurt. It means she's happy. Doc says it does other things too, but mostly she's happy."
"I see." Kirell felt his claws vibrating, buried in soft black and white fur. This... this wasn't bad. Not at all. If most cats purred more than they bit, he could see why the Khumans liked them. "Is this why Khumans have cats?"
"They were probably meant to hunt mice at first, but somewhere along the way we learned about purring and... yeah, we have a lot of cats." Smee went back to rubbing Captain Amelia's head. "We like her a lot."
"Alex was bitten though."
"I mean, she has boundaries." Smee shrugged. "You probably don't want people yanking on your frills. It doesn't mean you're not friendly."
Kirell hadn't thought about that. He found himself thinking about a lot of things, actually.
"What's on your mind?" Smee was looking at him with a serious expression. Kirell wasn't sure why. Had he been quiet for too long? Anxiously, he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
"W-why are you and Alex here? Sneezy said most of you don't have anywhere else to go. But you and Alex should have somewhere to go."
Smee froze for a moment, then sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. "Ohh boy. You really... wow. I guess you should know, but it really isn't my story to tell."
"But... it's why you're here. How is it not your story?" Kirell couldn't help the confused teal running over his frills. "It's about you."
"I..." Smee's hands clenched in his lap. Captain Amelia stretched out a paw and poked him; it almost looked like she was asking for more rubs. When Smee didn't respond, she patted him insistently. "I didn't really think about it, I guess. I mean, I was there too, but... do I really have the right to make it my story?"
"That doesn't make sense. If you were there, and it's why you're here, it's your story, right?" Kirell felt like he was missing something important. Smee was acting like... not a rollaway, exactly, but... something similar. Like a secondary, an unimportant clutch member there to make up the numbers. That didn't seem right. Alex took care of him. He wasn't a secondary.
"I... I don't know. You don't know the whole story." Smee seemed slightly agitated; why? Had Kirell done something wrong? But he didn't feel right letting it go.
"What if you tell me? I'll know then, won't I?" Suddenly Kirell realized what the problem might be. "What does Alex say about it?"
"I... didn't ask." Smee stared at his hands; Captain Amelia gave up and lay down, her tail twitching slightly. "It didn't seem right."
"Well, if you never asked, how do you know? You don't seem like a secondary." It was odd, the way that so many of these Khumans were acting like secondaries and rollaways. He couldn't understand it. They weren't, so why?
"Secondary?" Smee looked up, his eyes questioning. When had Kirell learned what that look meant?
Kirell shook his head. "I'll explain later. Do you... want to tell me?"
"I don't know." In the quiet after the statement, Smee stared at his hands again. "It's... not easy to talk about."
Kirell got the feeling he should be quiet; after another minute, Smee swallowed, hesitated, and then spoke.
"Well, Alex was in the middle of her third championship. She was crushing it, the way she always does. There wasn't a lot of competition early on, but we all knew she'd be up against Ormis in the end. They were saving that for the finals, of course. Everyone was looking forward to it." Smee sighed. "Then someone in the qualifiers accused Ormis of doping, and it all went downhill from there."
"What's doping?"
"Uh... it's taking drugs to do better at a sport. Anyway, it turned out Ormis was doping, and he was disqualified. Alex breezed through, of course; there wasn't a lot that could stop her after Ormis got the boot."
Kirell had no idea what half the metaphors Smee was using meant, but it didn't seem like the time to ask. Smee seemed older, more tired, as he spoke, and Kirell got the sense that if he stopped now he'd never talk about this again. There didn't seem to be anything weird about it yet, though.
"The trouble was that Ormis was from Europa, and we're Mars-born."
"I don't know what that means."
"Europa and Mars are colonies. They've had a bad relationship since before we figured out how to get into jump. So when the Europan powerhouse was disqualified, he got it into his head it was Alex's fault. He would've been close to a match for Alex in the ring, but he... had a knife. And she didn't." Smee buried his head in his hands and groaned. "I was with her! We were going out to eat! After I passed my advanced arms course!" His shoulders shook. "I had my pistol on me! I'd aced the damn course, I had a clear shot– Damn it, Squishy, it's my fault. Do you get it now?"
Kirell's stomach sank. "What did you do?" he asked quietly.
"I didn't do!" Smee smacked the floor with a clenched fist; Kirell jumped at the loud metallic bang! "I should've done, and I didn't! Not until her hand was–" Smee choked and seemed to fold in on himself. "I froze up. Nobody told me there was a difference between a police training course and getting jumped in an alley, I– I didn't get my head back until the blood–" Smee's voice seemed to die in his throat. For a moment there was silence. Then, with a rough voice... "Damn it, Squishy, this is why I didn't want to talk about it."
"What happened to Ormis?" Kirell asked, frills pulsing yellow. Had Alex managed to beat him with one hand missing?
"Dead. I figured it out when Alex–" Smee swallowed and shook his head. "I figured it out, and I shot him. Point-blank. But... you know. I couldn't go back to the force after that. Kept seeing the alley all over again, so when Alex got her new hand she took me out here."
"It doesn't sound like she blames you."
"The hell does that matter?!" Smee smacked the metal floor again. "She doesn't have to! We both know whose fault it is!" After a moment, his anger seemed to fade. "She tried to teach me how to fight, and I did OK when it was just learning the motions. But whenever she tried to get me to fight someone else... I can't. I just see the alley all over again."
"But you fight me pretty well." Kirell sighed. No wonder Smee was considered the weakest of the Khumans. And he still beat Kirell nine times out of ten, even now.
"You don't look human. It doesn't... it doesn't make me think about... that." Smee sighed. "Weird, huh? Something as small as fighting a human can make me lock up. Isn't that pathetic? I bet Alex shakes her head over me."
"It doesn't seem like it."
Smee sighed again and lay down on the mat; Captain Amelia quietly tap-tap-tapped her way over and lay down as well, her tail draping over Smee's mouth. He moved it with one finger, only to have her twitch it away and replace it over his mouth.
"You sure?" Smee's expression changed as Captain Amelia flicked her tail again when he opened his mouth. "Ack!"
Kirell hesitated. Was he sure? There was so much he didn't know about Khumans. He might just be interpreting it the way he wanted to. Still, he was sure of one thing. "Well, at the very least, it sounds like it's your story as much as hers."
"I don't know about that, either." Smee was now holding Captain Amelia's tail away from his mouth with the back of his hand, while Captain Amelia eyed him in what looked like indignation. "But... thanks, Squishy."

Collected chapters
Chapters voiced by A Good Bean
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Sorry this is late! (This is last Saturday's chapter; it took a bit longer than I wanted.) Thanks for reading!
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Ive tried dave and others but none have chipotle as an employment option
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2021.09.21 15:50 TriesToMakeThings New job - Any tips on commuting into Gatineau?

I just landed a new job, and I'm quite excited.
Only issue is that it's just over the bridge near the Place du Portage buildings. I live in Orleans.
I've never had to commute into Gatineau for work before but I've heard traffic can be an absolute nightmare and parking is very expensive when you do get there.
I can always just suck it up, drive in, and pay the parking, but if anyone has any "pro tips" about best parking locations, park and ride combos, best routes, etc... that would be very much appreciated.
My only goal is to get into and out of work with the least frustration possible.
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