Astrology Statistics (S1-S7)

2021.09.21 16:32 TFermTheDoggy Astrology Statistics (S1-S7)

Astrology Statistics (S1-S7) Winners (Italics if dead, bold if alive): S1: Topspinpiggles (4), Harmen (2), Joshhh_ (0)
S2: Flouzemaker (4), Bradzi (2)
S3: Singlish (7), ssunniezz (3)
S4: Harryb2000 (6), rippersteveM5 (3), warriorcat (2), TheSonicJoey (1)
S5: Digdude (1), Frozenspikes (0), KilerKontrantion (0)
S6: 4EyedSlime (7)
S7: 4EyedSlime (8), Fancyyy (1), Rohcket (1)
Runner Ups: S1: BaneOfSmite (0), Digdude (2), Itch33 (1)
S2: AJEvolved (0), Drafty_ (3)
S3: Bradzi (2), Harryb2000 (1)
S4: Bofishkix (1), Crafters (1), ssunniezz (1), TheSheepMasters (0)
S5: Drafty_ (0), Harryb2000 (4), LucaSingapore (2)
S6: Harryb2000 (0)
S7: Harryb2000 (0), LordLaelaps (2), rippersteveM5 (0)
Most Kills: S1: Topspinpiggles (4)
S2: Flouzemaker (4)
S3: Singlish (7)
S4: Harryb2000 (6)
S5: Brodator (5)
S6: 4EyedSlime (7)
S7: 4EyedSlime (8)
Most Kills (Team): S1: Harmen (2), Joshhh_ (0), Topspinpiggles (4)
S2: Bradzi (2), Flouzemaker (4)
S3: Singlish (7), ssunniezz (3)
S4: Harryb2000 (6), rippersteveM5 (3), TheSonicJoey (1), warriorcat (2)
S5: Bradzi (3), Itch33 (2), Topspinpiggles (1) / Brodator (5), Dj8ninjette (0), JamestheDouglas (1) / Drafty_ (0), Harryb2000 (4), LucaSingapore (2)
S6: N/A
S7: 4EyedSlime (8), Fancyyy (1), Rohcket (1)
First Damage: S1: ImCjYT
S2: Fancyyy
S3: Fancyyy
S4: FrostBros
S5: Dj8ninjette
S6: Harryb2000
S7: EGL_
Iron Man (Longest at Full Health): S1: SummerBqsh
S2: Frozenspikes
S3: Jordtim
S4: rippersteveM5
S5: Frozenspikes
S6: rippersteveM5
S7: _Fost_
First Blood: S1: Itch33 (Jordtim)
S2: aalaan (HeyImHungry)
S3: MicrousMC (Itch33)
S4: ImCjYT (UltimateZero)
S5: WaXmAn24 (Bofishkix)
S6: ImCjYT (Talonraker)
S7: Bradzi (Brodator)
First Death: S1: Jordtim (Itch33)
S2: HeyImHungry (aalaan)
S3: Itch33 (MicrousMC)
S4: Abdalain (Lava)
S5: Talonraker (Fall)
S6: Talonraker (ImCjYT)
S7: Brodator (Bradzi)
Kills: 1st - 4EyedSlime (22): Itch33 (S2), aalaan (S2), Talonraker (S3), SiahStone (S3), UltimateZero (S3), Bofishkix (S3), Fancyyy (S5), Bofishkix (S6), UltimateZero (S6), LucaSingapore (S6), rippersteveM5 (S6), Brodator (S6), Joshhh_ (S6), Harryb2000 (S6), Harryb2000 (S7), Itch33 (S7), Codwhy (S7), FrostBros (S7), Maxaa (S7), Dj8ninjette (S7), Bradzi (S7), LordLaelaps (S7)
2nd - Harryb2000 (14): ImCjYT (S1), TonyEatWorld (S1), SummerBqshfire (S1), Digdude (S3), Joshhh_ (S4), Fancyyy (S4), InsertDotJpeg (S4), Bradzi (S4), Bofishkix (S4), ssunniezz (S4), Casteliacone (S5), ssunniezz (S5), Abdalain (S5), Topspinpiggles (S5)
3rd - Bradzi (12): Itch33 (S1), Fancyyy (S1), UltimateZero (S2), AJEvolved (S2), Drafty_ (S3), ssunniezz (S3), InsertDotJpeg (S5), LucaSingapore (S5), Codwhy (S5), Brodator (S7), TorinFBF (S7), Minecus (S7)
4th - Digdude (11): Awticon (S1), Harryb2000 (S1), LucaSingapore (S3), Dj8ninjette (S3), Harryb2000 (S5), SummerBqsh (S7), LetTheJaePlay (S7), ssunniezz (S7), Rohcket (S7), Fancyyy (S7), rippersteveM5 (S7)
4th - ssunniezz (11): Joshhh_ (S1), Fancyyy (S2), Frozenspikes (S2), 4EyedSlime (S2), 132SteveBob (S3), aalaan (S3), InsertDotJpeg (S3), 4EyedSlime (S4), JamestheDouglas (S5), 4EyedSlime (S5), JokTwo (S7)
5th - Brodator (7): Zevulpes (S5), WaXmAn24 (S5), Pelycosaur (S5), AJEvolved (S5), aalaan (S5), Broseph (S6), Pelycosaur (S6)
5th - ImCjYT (7): UltimateZero (S4), Brodator (S4), Broseph (S4), TheSonicJoey (S4), KilerKontrantion (S5), rippersteveM5 (S5), Talonraker (S6)
5th - Singlish (7): Abdalain (S3), Crafters (S3), Flouzemaker (S3), Psykl0ne (S3), warriorcat (S3), Harryb2000 (S3), Bradzi (S3)
6th - Flouzemaker (5): Topspinpiggles (S2), SummerBqsh (S2), SiahStone (S2), Drafty_ (S2), 4EyedSlime (S3)
6th - LucaSingapore (5): Broseph (S5), Brodator (S5), ImCjYT (S6), Bradzi (S6), Jordtim (S6)
6th - Topspinpiggles (5): Singlish (S1), TheSheepMasters (S1), ssunniezz (S1), Digdude (S1), Frozenspikes (S5)
7th - Casteliacone (4): TorinFBFteamkill (S5), Bradzi (S5), Itch33 (S5), LucaSingapore (S7)
7th - InsertDotJpeg (4): Jordtim (S3), Crafters (S4), InsertDotJpeg (S4), Birble (S5)
7th - Itch33 (4): Jordtim (S1), Abdalain (S2), UltimateZero (S5), ImCjYT (S5)
7th - MicrousMC (4): Itch33 (S3), BaneOfSmite (S3), Pelycosaur (S4), TheSheepMasters (S4)
7th - Pelycosaur (4): Dj8ninjette (S5), SummerBqsh (S6), aalaan (S7), Jordtim (S7)
7th - SiahStone (4): Digdude (S2), Casteliacone (S7), Pelycosaur (S7), nFang (S7)
8th - Crafters (3): 132SteveBob (S2), Birble (S3), SummerBqsh (S4)
8th - Dj8ninjette (3): TheSheepMasters (S3), ImCjYT (S3), UltimateZero (S7)
8th - Drafty_ (3): Crafters (S2), BaneOfSmite (S2), Bradzi (S2)
8th - Joshhh_ (3): ssunniezz (S2), Laffey (S6), InsertDotJpeg (S6)
8th - rippersteveM5 (3): FrostBros (S4), Jordtim (S4), Frozenspikes (S4)
9th - Bofishkix (2): Fancyyy (S3), aalaan (S4)
9th - Fancyyy (2): Digdude (S4), Joshhh_ (S7)
9th - Harmen (2): Crafters (S1), JokTwo (S1)
9th - JamestheDouglas (2): BaneOfSmite (S4), Drafty_ (S5)
9th - Laffey (2): Hoookey (S4), _Fost_ (S7)
9th - LetTheJaePlay (2): Frozenspikes (S7), SiahStone (S7)
9th - LordLaelaps (2): blurrfreek (S7), Digdude (S7)
9th - warriorcat (2): JamestheDouglas (S4), Laffey (S4)
10th - aalaan (1): HeyImHungry (S2)
10th - blurrfreek (1): Talonraker (S7)
10th - EGL_ (1): Ninetals38 (S7)
10th - FrostBros (1): Flouzemaker (S4)
10th - Frozenspikes (1): Bofishkix (S7)
10th - Hacn (1): BaneOfSmite (S1)
10th - JokTwo (1): Laffey (S7)
10th - Maxaa (1): EGL_ (S7)
10th - Minecus (1): Flouzemaker (S7)
10th - nFang (1): Sluggyg (S7)
10th - Qeeshh (1): Harmen (S1)
10th - Rohcket (1): KilerKontrantion (S7)
10th - ShinyCrafter (1): MicrousMC (S4)
10th - Talonraker (1): MicrousMC (S3)
10th - TheSonicJoey (1): ImCjYT (S4)
10th - TonyEatWorld (1): Hacn (S1)
10th - UltimateZero (1): Joshhh_ (S3)
10th - WaXmAn24 (1): Bofishkix (S5)
PvE Deaths: Fall (3): Joshhh_ (S2), Talonraker (S5), SummerBqsh (S5)
Burning (2): Bradzi (S1), Qeeshh (S1)
Explosion (1): ImCjYT (S7)
Lava (1): Abdalain (S4)
Skeleton (1): InsertDotJpeg (S7)
Participations: 7 (1): Bradzi (S1-S7)
6 (9): 4EyedSlime (S2-S7), Digdude (S1-S5, S7), Fancyyy (S1-S5, S7), Harryb2000 (S1, S3-S7), ImCjYT (S1, S3-S7), Joshhh_ (S1-S4, S6-S7), ssunniezz (S1-S5, S7), SummerBqsh (S1-S2, S4-S7), UltimateZero (S2-S7)
5 (5): aalaan (S2-S5, S7), Bofishkix (S3-S7), InsertDotJpeg (S3-S7), Itch33 (S1-S3, S5, S7), Jordtim (S1, S3-S4, S6-S7)
4 (10): Abdalain (S2-S5), BaneOfSmite (S1-S4), Brodator (S4-S7), Crafters (S1-S4), Flouzemaker (S2-S4, S7), Frozenspikes (S2, S4-S5, S7), LucaSingapore (S3, S5-S7), Pelycosaur (S4-S7), rippersteveM5 (S4-S7), Talonraker (S3, S5-S7)
3 (7): Broseph (S4-S6), Dj8ninjette (S3, S5, S7), Drafty_ (S2-S3, S5), Laffey (S4, S6-S7), SiahStone (S2-S3, S7), TheSheepMasters (S1, S3-S4), Topspinpiggles (S1-S2, S5)
2 (13): 132SteveBob (S2-S3), AJEvolved (S2, S5), Birble (S3, S5), Casteliacone (S5, S7), Codwhy (S5, S7), FrostBros (S4, S7), JamestheDouglas (S4-S5), JokTwo (S1, S7), KilerKontrantion (S5, S7), MicrousMC (S3-S4), Singlish (S1, S3), TorinFBF (S5, S7), warriorcat (S3-S4)
1 (23): _Fost_ (S7), Awticon (S1), blurrfreek (S7), EGL_ (S7), Hacn (S1), Harmen (S1), HeyImHungry (S2), Hoookey (S4), LetTheJaePlay (S7), LordLaelaps (S7), Maxaa (S7), Minecus (S7), nFang (S7), Ninetals38 (S7), Psykl0ne (S3), Qeeshh (S1), Rohcket (S7), ShinyCrafter (S4), Sluggyg (S7), TheSonicJoey (S4), TonyEatWorld (S1), WaXmAn24 (S5), Zevulpes (S5)
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2021.09.21 16:32 Scavengerhawk My attempt at aro 💚

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2021.09.21 16:32 Olivanders1989 NACL - Ephemeral Ports between VPCs

Hey all,
I have a strange issue i was wondering someone is able to shed some light on :).
I'm currently playing around with NACLs between 2 separate VPCs connected via a TGW to ensure 2 dummy servers i've created can communicate.
Both subnets have " any any" allowed outbound and have restrictions inbound.
Host A = (VPC-A) Host B - (VPC-B)
The issue I have is I have to reference its own subnet (the source that initially initiated the traffic) in its own inbound NACL for return traffic to be permitted. I'd expect to add the destination subnet ( as the "source" to permit the return traffic but this doesn't seem to work. 4444-> 3389 (Outbound ACL - Syn) 3389 -> 4444 (Inbound ACL for Return Traffic - Syn Ack) 4444 -> 3389 (Outbound ACL - Ack)
I'd expect to have the NACL for VPC-A reference VPC-B's subnet and vice versa.
Anyone come across this before? It could be the way AWS handles the traffic in the background but has me stumped.
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2021.09.21 16:32 AllCouponFree First Steps Into Recruitment And Selection

Free Certification Course Title: First Steps Into Recruitment And Selection
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.21 16:32 RubyBoyYT Truly their finest?

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2021.09.21 16:32 BatsOnMars WTP for nothing being done because two people each thought the other person was doing the work?

What's the word or phrase for nothing being done because two people each thought the other person was doing the work?
For example, imagine two baseball outfielders running to catch an easy flyball, but then they both back away at the last second because they each assumed the other would make the catch. As a result, the ball falls to the ground between them. Another example might be a group project in which no one does anything because everyone just assumed someone else would take care of it.
The opposite of this phenomenon would be "duplication of effort" in which two people each do the same work not realizing the other person was also doing it.
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2021.09.21 16:32 Weltrepublikan But the Kaiserreich was wholesome chungus

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2021.09.21 16:32 nanopicofared FBI held back ransomware decryption key from businesses to run operation targeting hackers

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2021.09.21 16:32 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) S EASTERN AVE / E WINDMILL LN 9/21/2021 7:16:20 AM incident #LLV210900088831
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2021.09.21 16:32 Tetas-sas- If you were stuck in your favorite videogame, how much time you would be able survive?

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2021.09.21 16:32 ObscureHipHop De La Soul…some of the collection

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2021.09.21 16:32 solonocturne My first Sonic cross stitch! Soon I'll make another two.

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2021.09.21 16:32 bobbiesbunions Does smoking make you socially awkward?

I’m sure cannabis affects everyone in different ways, but I heard people saying after they quit, they become more confident and extroverted/more social.
I’m a heavy smoker and struggled with being confident and social, so if stopping is going to help me even a little bit, I will.
Just don’t know if many people feel that way after they stop, so tell me, how has quitting helped you? And if it has in the social aspect please explain
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2021.09.21 16:32 aiah_ NBI CLEARANCE

Hello po! Kailangan pa po ba talaga antayin yung schedule for the NBI Clearance and di po talaga sila nagrrequire ng walk-in? :(
Are they also accepting yung Certificate of Registration or yung mini-paper sa pagkuha ng Voter's Registration as a substitute requirement for Voter's ID? Thank you!
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2021.09.21 16:32 Pravuil1111 Flying over Japan's most beautiful beaches #traveljapan #tokyo #adventure #asia #japan #tourist #destination #vacation

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2021.09.21 16:32 hooontaaah My 7 month old cat still hasn't figured out litter box etiquette, and I'll take whatever help I can get at this point.

Duck is a 7 month old boy, and we've had him for 6 of those months. He still does not cover his 1 or 2 in the box, leaving it for me, my partner, or our other cat Tuna, who is 3, to cover. He also has terrible foot placement. I once watched him dig a space in a freshly cleaned box, stand in that empty space, and then pee on one of his feet.
I've tried advice I got from the vet, the pet store, and online and have gotten nowhere. We've picked him up and used his own pages to cover it like a kitty cat excavator. We've held him over the box to watch Tuna cover his handiwork. I've used feliway plug ins to make the room feel safer. I clean box of our jumbo boxes twice as often. But he still won't cover.
If anyone else has corrected this behavior, please let me know what you did. A fairly new cat owner and know I have some things to learn. Thank you in advance for your help.
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2021.09.21 16:32 ArtyTheLegend Are we still getting updoots for transferring to CS?

Just transferred 82% of my shares in my brokerage account over. Phone call was sub 6 minutes, he had to read the script telling me it’s more cumbersome to sell shares.
Mid XXX on the way to CS lads. Let’s get this shit moving I’m trying to retire before winter.
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2021.09.21 16:32 alexbermj Disculpe 😎

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2021.09.21 16:32 Cashgangcartel Come On Everyone Let’s Crush The Shorts on $LCID $CCIV

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2021.09.21 16:32 vinoddas36 #SaintRampalJi #सत_भक्ति_संदेश #KabirisGod #tuesday अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj YouTube चैनल पर विजिट करें।☝️

#SaintRampalJi #सत_भक्ति_संदेश #KabirisGod #tuesday अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj YouTube चैनल पर विजिट करें।☝️ submitted by vinoddas36 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 16:32 ThrowawayBaiz Orientation Tomorrow.

I'm 28 and have college orientation for a PLC tomorrow. The last 2 years have been particularly really hard for me in many ways, I know many of you feel the same.
Going a college route and getting a degree won't make me happy or a better person but will allow me better financial opportunities and hopefully more security.
I really never thought I'd make it this far and this is just a post to pat myself on the back.
Most of my friends have houses and families now, got their degrees at 21.
That bogged me down for ages, I've learned not to base my self worth off of my lack of comparative achievement.
I am worthy of loving, I deserve opportunities and I'm giving this my best shot.
Anyone going through stuff, just keep on going. We can do it!
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2021.09.21 16:32 egg3304 Simple would approve of this

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2021.09.21 16:32 botterway Feature requests, wants and wishes

I have a huge list of feature enhancement ideas that I've built up over the last couple of years for Damselfly. But what I really need from people who are using Damselfly is their thoughts and ideas. What do you like about it? What do you hate? What would you change? And what features would you add?
Any suggestions welcome. Not all will be implemented - depending on technical complexity, the direction of the software, my time availability and other factors. But any ideas gratefully accepted, and I'll do my best to get them done.
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2021.09.21 16:32 marjose2 What can I do to improve my resume?!?! (anything feedback would be helpful :)

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2021.09.21 16:32 VitorAntonio10 What number would you put in there before a go?

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