Anime Doppo was downplayed in his fight with Yujiro

Eyepatch of Power: Got it after Yujiro popped it out of his skull during a fight. Expy: Not unlike Yujiro with Akuma, Doppo is often compared to Sagat from Street Fighter, both being bald, eye-patch wearing martial artists who live for the fight and are associated with tigers. Doppo even wears similar trunks in his second fight with Dorian.

2021.10.16 22:51 Vaquero_35 Anime Doppo was downplayed in his fight with Yujiro

BRO, Doppo looked like he was doing well in the anime but holy shit, I've never seen Yujiro that scared even vs Kaku. Doppo had this man looking like he lost in the dark, rocking his fucking world. Yujiro had visible strain on his face like he was being hurt or some shit. Not at all like Anime Yujiro. Doppo even made Yujiro bleed and he even looked like a novice at times compared to Doppo. Hell, even before the climax of the fight began via demonback, Yujiro looked scared af and was almost desperate when he whipped it out. Doppo definitely looked like he got more fucked up at the ended but I have never seen Yujiro get like that, even vs Musashi or Baki. I thought he was getting soft after using Xiao Lee but ig he's always been lmao
Prime Doppo might honestly be above Sukune for me now. That's nuts
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2021.10.16 22:51 DevGamerLB Ryzen R9 5900x multi-core performance = Top Tier Alder Lake

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2021.10.16 22:51 fluffydoggo14 People who have had an abortion, what was it like?

(I am writing an essay for school and want to hear from people who have actual experiance with it)
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2021.10.16 22:51 MrCeylon Found a New Spider-Man trailer

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2021.10.16 22:51 LeakLab [Leak] King Von x Lil Reese - Whoever

dm me
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2021.10.16 22:51 iPlush Apparently, all women want are models

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2021.10.16 22:51 beamzz12356 One Piece Pw4

What episode do I have to be on to play One Piece Pirate Warriors 4? I’m currently on episode 518.
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2021.10.16 22:51 Isnt_a_girl wich of each should I put effort on??

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2021.10.16 22:51 tinybabyyy Let me try this too. I will answer anything with yes or no.

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2021.10.16 22:51 Retired2XAgent Incominnnnngggggg

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2021.10.16 22:51 davanzomichael Vanity Milan was definitely giving me more Valerie Brown than Mel B

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2021.10.16 22:51 nimobo Candace Cameron Bure reveals 'The View' left her with PTSD

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2021.10.16 22:51 LinuxNoob My back nine proves I’ve got split personalities.

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2021.10.16 22:51 Ayuso_Muramasa How to accept looking ugly [21 M]?

Hello. I'm a 21 year old men, and I've been ugly my whole life. It's not on my mind, as I've been told I'm ugly irl, by the attitude of some people, comments behind my back, etc. I'm, currently, "working" on it, by going to the gym, doing skincare, and such. But these things aren't making a noticeable change, since my uglyness steems from shitty bone structure, bad facial harmony and mediocre features.
I don't have high standars or something like that, as I'm not attractive myself. I don't care if my partner is a 4/4.5, but I'll never date someone fat. Not because I'm against overweight people, but because I want to be with someone with the same body I have. This is unnegotiable.
My personality is not bad, but I'm autistic (so my social skills are not the best), and very bitter about average and attractive people, as they've never been bullied about being ugly. Yet they complain about high beauty standars in Instagram. Bruh. It's something I'll never understand. People should be happy that they're objetives 5/10, as 5/10 are attractive (imo).
I'm very shy, too, and I have some narcissistic traits I inherited from my ugly, narc dad. Honestly, I don't know what to do after getting therapy to be less bitter and happier. I can get plastic surgery (bimax, lefort 1, jaw implant and chin implant. This would cover what a beard could). Apparently, the empathetic gender decided that guys that need facial hair to look good are imposters and beardfishing them, yet, they say that if someone is ugly, they need to have confidence. Actually, I find that people, in general, say that about ugly people to be seen less shallow. They know that ugly people are more likely to have horrible self-esteem, so they state that they like something that's almost imposible to happen (well, not almost, but really weird). This works with broke people, too. "I don't mind having someone broke as a partner, as long that they don't mention their lack of money too much". See? If you say this, you won't be seen as shallow!
I usually hit myself because of the way I look. I take pics of myself to confirm I'm unattractive, think of the times I got called ugly, and develop anxiety attacks over that. I'm obsessed.
I went off-topic, sorry. I could, actually, get surgery, but it won't make me less bitter around people my age. As they have laughed at me for being ugly, called me ugly, bullied me, etc. Now, Imagine that I get these surgeries and I get attention from women my age, people want to be my friend, and these kind of things. Why the hell would I like them back? If given me a chance, I'd abuse them, honestly (like they did). I'd love to be able to insult these "persons" like they did. Maybe therapy can help me. My goal is to have a girlfriend and to be happy. Goodbye.
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2021.10.16 22:51 Magroarty For Sale: 2014 Honda Interceptor VFR800FD Deluxe

X-post from /Phillyriders:
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2021.10.16 22:51 sicPowell7 Cochlear vs Med El

First post here...wanted to get anyone's input on the two companies and their technologies. I'm relatively familiar with both but I'm an SSD patient so currently Med-El is my only option seeing as they have FDA approval. Med El has a longer array, with less electrodes and Cochlear has a shorter array with more electrodes. Also any input from SSD patients with a CI is much appreciated as I'm trying to make this decision.
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2021.10.16 22:51 wesley8668 [Maurice Blum] Can anyone give me information on this watch ? I can’t find anything about Maurice Blum.

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2021.10.16 22:51 l3monke found 2 cool glitches today

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2021.10.16 22:51 GErman_reichhhh There was a time where you could get illegal multishot on crossbows (3D share ware)

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2021.10.16 22:51 swaguin Happy Caturday this is my baby boy wilson (I will link cute kitty vids in comments)

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2021.10.16 22:51 _bigfish Looking to escape this madness.....

Hello there, PNW, Seattle....
I've lived in PNW for 25 years. I've recently been divorced and thinking about escaping to Texas.... I have a new 5th wheel, an australian shepard, and a warped sense of humor.
I'm looking for a like minded female. Do you want to escape with me?
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2021.10.16 22:51 Square_Breath_8268 TIL the Tourette Association of America initially feared South Park’s release of their Tourettes episode, but ended up being surprised at how accurate and well-researched the show was on the condition. The only thing they critiqued was the frequent use of “coprolalia” or rampant swearing.

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2021.10.16 22:51 that1Us3r WW1 M1917 at AAF tank museum in Virginia.

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2021.10.16 22:51 skipmcnoob EDC 2022 Special Offer??

Was anyone able to take advantage of the special offer Insomniac sent out with the unique access code to pre-order tickets for EDC 2022 and receive a token for one day pass to another Insomniac event? I just noticed the email in my inbox and am having trouble taking advantage of it.
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2021.10.16 22:51 rabidmonkeyman Is there a way to intersect pipes without contaminating the pipeline?

I have mud, flammable gas, water and sludge pipes all over the place. I was wondering if there was a way to have, say, a mud pipe cross over a water pipe?
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