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People who joined Army, what were your reasons?

2022.01.21 01:55 Reaper_Houstan People who joined Army, what were your reasons?

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2022.01.21 01:55 randomname_24 How many countries in Asia can you name?

Inspired by a post that was inspired by a previous post
View Poll
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2022.01.21 01:55 TNT_buster123 Public Schooling in America is so terrible

It's seriously just preparation for becoming the corporate drones that society is trying to fit us to be. Writing essays on topics you could give less of a shit about, or cramming knowledge of hard math/science subjects into your head when after the unit test, it's forgotten about within the span of just a few weeks, only for you to cram even more bullshit and repeat the cycle. They put way too much of an emphasis on grades over learning and well-being. People say all the time that school should be a place where you are able to grow and become a better person, but it only does the exact opposite by crushing you day after day, week after week, semester after semester, year after year. It's unbearable sometimes. Doing the hundreds of essays, thousands of math worksheets, simply for a letter grade that is supposedly "destined" to make you "successful" when either way we're all gonna get thrown into the corporate soup where hardly any of us are happy with our jobs, whether you're getting good pay or not. It's no wonder antiwork is so popular here on this app. School is the basis for this workforce horror and in order to make change in the workforce I think it starts with changing our whole school structure. One can only dream it feels like.
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2022.01.21 01:55 keyon3478 Join the 🔥 IMVU I Black Market 🔥 Discord Server!

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2022.01.21 01:55 HOBMAKNOB Facebook deactivated my personal account of 5+ years

so my facebook account that i've been using for the past 5 years was deactivated. I had a more recent account i had made prior to deactivation for my hairdressing career that i honestly seldom used, but my boss had two accounts like this so i thought nothing of it. December 29 fb deactivated the one i had been using for 5+ years saying it wasn't me. All because I didn't use my real last name, but a nickname. Like every other human on fb.... every link i try to use to repeal my deactivated status tells me the link is broken or connection was lost and i need to retry. I tried the form where you upload your id and it tells me i havent chosen a file to upload. Side note: my iPad told me my password was part of a security breach so i don't know if that's part of the reason it was taken down but anytime I am able to log into it again it just says I've been deactivated and sends me to the facebook help center.
at this point i just want the pictures back, they were from highschool and hold some of the only copies of pictures of me and my fiance from that time period. any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.21 01:55 Average_Careless https://telegr.im/+ZFRnItoS3MdjM2Vh

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2022.01.21 01:55 regachoisiah SUICIDE - Dream Baby Dream

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2022.01.21 01:55 Lightning125 I'm writing a persuasive speech for school and I'm not sure how to make it more 'concrete'.

Hey! I'm writing a persuasive speech for AP Language in school. I took up the topic of "darkness" and why people should not be afraid of the darkness and to embrace our flaws. My speech is very abstract right now (and to be frank, I'm not even 100% what my argument is). Any tips/suggestions of how I should write it to be more concreate, while still holding the abstract metaphors?
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2022.01.21 01:55 Sebancia the real little kev

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2022.01.21 01:55 Yaboythemane We Rule The Night

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2022.01.21 01:55 WorthGroundbreaking9 Network Point-of-Care Glucose Testing Market Report, 2021 - 2029

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2022.01.21 01:55 loosenut23 Modes on the Proton Mini

What do the different modes on the Proton Mini do? I can more or less guess what they are for (as described here under the question " Which mode should I use: wattage, TC, TCR, curve, bypass?"), but I'm curious about how each one effects functionality.
For example, what changes when I select Wattage vs. SS316L? Does SS316L simply select a custom wattage and temp, or are other parameters effected? How does TCR mode function? Does TCR actually measure the temperature of the coil?
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2022.01.21 01:55 minecraftmemernotfat Nothing happened, nothing *yet* (repost because the moderators are bitches and deleted it)

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2022.01.21 01:55 JohnnyCream71 Elevated Lipase of 69 normal range 15-60

In early october I vomited and was nauseous for about 3 weeks or so but not really any abdominal pain. At this time I took a blood test that came back with elevated lipase.
Since this episode I have gone through on and off nausea and sickness but mainly manageable, but it is definitely new for me.
My hematologist ordered an abdominal CT which was normal and referred me to a gastro who I see in a couple weeks.
Does this sound like pancreatitis? I would be in much more pain it seems. H pylori? Ulcer? Gastritis?
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2022.01.21 01:55 sexarseshortage I've started collecting for myself the last while. (My kids have loads) These are my additions so far

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2022.01.21 01:55 Eximw Freddie Mercury in Japan, 1979

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2022.01.21 01:55 Alex-Aldridge Tethered Children's Learning Laptop

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2022.01.21 01:55 melissajackson07 New Makeup Releases - Inspired or Tired?

[Pictures are available on my profile, if you are interested!]
🛍 New Makeup Releases ... Inspired or Tired? 🧹
➡️ NOTE: This is MY opinion & experience; regarding the product quality (I'm not trying to offend anybody's specific product taste). As always, use/buy the makeup that makes YOU happy. Also, none of my stuff is sponsored. I do it for fun.
This is just window-shopping the new beauty releases (one of my favorite things to do!) Sometimes, I come across some really awesome, inspiring products - other times, I feel some type of way about a few of these releases. Read on to find out if I'm 'Inspired or Tired' by these 9 new products!
✅ Inspired = possibly going on my wishlist
❌ Tired = why?
▪️Glisten Cosmetics - Duochrome Wet Liner
💲 Price: $9.25
➡️ Classification: Affordable Makeup
☕ Glisten Cosmetics is like the master of all eyeliners. They've really perfected their formula. I am in complete LOVE with this small brand, & all of their products make me so happy! This new duochromatic liner is a brand new facet to their staple products, and I'm stoked to see it. Not only do I love anything & everything duochrome, but in THIS formula ... I'm dying to try it! Their prices are attainable as compared to similar products on the market, so I really think I'm going to try this one out!
▪️Pola - Diem Couleur Color Blend Glow Foundation
💲 Price: $91.10
➡️ Classification: K-Beauty Makeup
☕ Well, ignoring the OBVIOUS shade-range faults of this product (I'm aware of the Asian-beauty argument, but that's not enough for me if they are selling internationally) - the price is astronomical for something that could be a first-try for most people. This COULD be a potentially 'gimmicky' product. I think its effectiveness would all depend on just how much of each comprising shade you would pick-up on your applicator. It could possibly work (if you use it with absolute infallibility), but I just think it's too intensely colored to provide a uniform shade. Now don't get me wrong, I've never tried this - so I don't know that to be certain fact. However, I wouldn't spend the $92 to figure it out.
▪️Jill Stuart Beauty - Rouge Crystal Creamy Whip Tint
💲 Price: $24.00
➡️ Classification: High-End Makeup
☕ I don't know why, but I want EVERYTHING Jill Stuart. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Not only are the products lovely themselves, but the actual packaging is SO display-worthy. I'm personally a person that enjoys some nice packaging. It all goes toward the entirety of the application 'experience' for me. Using a liquid blush in this fancy packaging is way more appealing & exciting for me than using a poorly & commonly packaged liquid blush. I just feel like this specific product was made for me, & I'm feeling incredibly inspired by it.
▪️I Heart Revolution - Affirmation Book Palette
💲 Price: $9.00
➡️ Classification: Affordable Makeup
☕ I LOVE the 'I Heart Revolution' line. Especially their eyeshadows. They are actually really impressive! However, what turns me off about this entire line of 'book palettes' are the extremely awkward pan shapes. I despise pan shapes like this, and would TOTALLY skip over a pallete (even loving the actual formula) just because of the hideous pan shapes. When I use an eyeshadow, I really like to get ALL SIZES & styles of brushes in that pan, & fully coat them. This style of pan makes it immensely difficult for me to accomplish that. I appreciate the color-stories, but there is no way I'd ever consider buying this!
▪️JD Glow - HD Flakes
💲 Price: $13.00
➡️ Classification: Indie Makeup
☕ JD Glow has got to be (hands-down) one of my most-loved Indie brands. Their products are marvelous! I literally want to design my own custom pallete with all of their special shadows one day & continually collect them as they release. In using their products, I can tell a lot of thought & effort goes into each one, & they aren't simply trying to release any 'cash-grabs'. Day-to-day, I create pretty simple eyeshadow looks, but one thing remains the standard - I use a glitter every single day. I'm a glitter girl through-and-through. These flakies look SO awesome, & like something I would utilize frequently. There are several different shades of these flakies, & they ALL look really brilliant. I would have so much fun with these, & I'm definitely considering making them a part of my collection.
▪️Colourpop Cosmetics - So Buzzed Collection
💲 Price: $30.80
➡️ Classification: Affordable Makeup
☕ Okay, so I'm a 'bee' fanatic - I'm legitimately crazy about all types of bees. You'd think a 'bee'-themed collection would definitely be my thing then, right? Sadly, this just doesn't do it for me. As a bee-lover, nothing about this collection screams 'bee' to me. I personally think that this is a theme they could have gone off the rails with, & created something showstopping. To me, it feels like Colourpop was in a rush, & just had to fast-track an incomplete collection. I'm sure the actual quality of the products are on par with the Colourpop baseline, but as far as the actual premise, I think it's an outright miss. In my opinion it's kind of disheartening (as a bee-lover) that they wasted this incredible core on such mediocre products. I would have really loved to add a true, extraordinary, purposeful, bee-themed palette to my collection.
▪️Physician's Formula - Butter Palm Feathered Micro Brow Pen
💲 Price: $11.99
➡️ Classification: Drugstore Makeup
☕ For some reason, I've gotten on this 'thing' where I try all sorts of brow products, even though I already KNOW what I want & like. I'm very, VERY particular when it comes to noting a 'good' brow product. I've tried plenty that were just unmitigated failures, & I've reserved a few that are utter stand-outs amongst the decent. In my experience, I've ALWAYS had a fantastic adventure using Physician's Formula products. Although not the lowest priced at the drugstore, their rates always reflected their elevated quality. This is just a basic brow pen - we've seen a ton of them come & go throughout the years. What makes me excited for THIS one, is that it's part of their distinguished 'Butter' line, a line that's always exuded the greatest of their quality. I am interested to try this to see if it's the perfect brow pen, or something completely forgettable. There's a lot that can go wrong with a brow pen, so I'm extremely curious as to if this will stand-up to the most-coveted of all brow pens. It's just really something that caught my eye.
▪️Ofra - Highlighter - X's & Glow's
💲 Price: $35.00
➡️ Classification: High-End Makeup
☕ Personally, I have nothing against an Ofra highlighter. In fact, I find them to be some of the best highlighters on the market for a really intense, impactful glow. However, they JUST released five new highlighter shades (maybe last month?) & now they are releasing ANOTHER one. Too many releases can become overwhelming to the point where dedicated, loyal consumers turn their backs, & quickly become part of the anti-consumerism movement. Also, Ofra can't rewrite the rainbow. There are only so many shades suitable for natural, glowy skin - & this 'new' highlight shade looks seemingly familiar to older, previously launched shades. NOT TO MENTION - (although subjective, in my opinion) - $35 for a highlighter is not particularly an 'affordable' price, where it's really breezy to just mindlessly 'collect 'em all'. For many people buying a $35 product can take thought, sacrifice, & allocation. It wouldn't surprise me if this launch doesn't grow the traction they expect.
▪️Dior - Rouge Dior Houndstooth Collection Lipstick
💲 Price: $45.00
➡️ Classification: Luxury Makeup
☕ This is a very polarizing launch - people are either really loving it, or really hating it. I'm personally on the 'loving it' train. The houndstooth pattern is timeless, & its sooo Dior! I do not own any Dior lipsticks, but I do have a few noteworthy Dior products. I've always wanted to add one of their extravagant lipsticks to my collection, but have been waiting for the 'right' collection to spark my interest. I store some makeup products by strategicallu displaying them, & this particular lipstick would be a remarkable addition to my fancy-lipstick-holder on my vanity. Not to mention that (beyond being a beautiful piece), it's a completely functional formula that I'm really interested in testing out! The color-options encompass Dior's best-selling shades, so after I do some more research on them, I think I'd love to try this luxurious lipstick in one of their endless hues!
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2022.01.21 01:55 redditLacrima canik mete sfx iron sights

DO i really have to get 2 different sights and spend way too much money than i need to replace my iron sights? every iron sights usually comes as a package of front and back. The faq says "

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2022.01.21 01:55 LateNightChillNChat Melbourne soy milk and plant based hipped cream

Hey all are there any wonderful Aussie baristas here?
Wondering what soy milk you use in Melbourne (cbd) it's delicous. Is it gluten free?
Also, any idea on what ur plant based whipped cream has in it?! Hoping its gluten free too.
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2022.01.21 01:55 jookco Muere - Muerte - Murio : En el Sindicato de Trabajadores para la Educación, STE: Lamentamos profundamente el fallecimiento de la Maestra MARGARITA ZORRILLA FIERRO @MZorrillaFierro Gran educadora, investigadora; forjadora de grandes aportaciones a la Educación y una mujer excepcional. QEPD Click...

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2022.01.21 01:55 glazingmule I landed my first job in common criteria evaluations, but I’m not sure this is what I want

So I haven’t graduated yet and this company decided to hire me. I’m grateful I got this position, but I can’t imagine myself here for more than a year. I feel like the only useful part of my degree that I’ve implemented is using a computer and command line. I’ve only been here for a month, not to mention.
I want to do cyber security, but also more dev roles so I’m not really sure what I should look into. I’m definitely going to stay here until I graduate this semester, but only until I know exactly what I position I want. I love comp sci and coding, and I’m not getting that here.
Any tips on any positions I could look into would be really helpful
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2022.01.21 01:55 Akhoris84 Similar channel to PekinWoof but for Adc?

Hi! So I have been following PekinWoof since a pretty long time because I like his way of describing things and the gameplay he proposes. Midlane is not my main lane but I still like watching his videos. I was wondering if anyone knows a similar channel to that of PekinWoof but for adc, with mainly gameplay-focuses videos that are also educational?
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2022.01.21 01:55 solairedelsol Noob In need of help building very 1st gaming pc. My budget is $2500 & would prefer to use Amazon. Is it really not possible or just flat out not worth it right now should I really wait months or????

To start I apologize ahead of time for my spelling & punctuation English isn't my first language....
So I'd preferably use Amazon but may consider new egg I literally want either a rtx 3060 ti or a 3070 ti & it would be really nice to have a Ryzen 7 5800x, Wyfi is a must so the rat wyfi motherboard possibly is my biggest need there, people say get one with the flash bios reboot button just in case?....
No matter how I put the parts in my Amazon cart I'm not sure if I'm making the right choices I know how racked up graphics cards are but I've wanted a gaming oc forever & finally have the money it was a car fund but my car will last & I only drive when needed now days sooo it's like probably one of the few times I'll have this kind of money to throw at a rig..... IM A Noob guys and I don't know where I'm wasting money at it's very overwhelming even after trying to research & learn for the last year here & there, Can someone build be the best possible gaming rig for $2000 - $2500 like should I just go rtx 3960 ti & a Ryzen 5 5600x or with open games like Csgo modded Skyrim wow gonna benefit from the Ryzen 7 5800x is the 3070ti worth the almost $400 more ?????
Please help guys I'm loosing hope and I know if I get frustrated and jump back to console I'll just have the nagging feeling of how I wanna be enjoying all PC has to off games wise alone....
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