Multiverse Fighters Promo | Fight and Earn | Based on NEAR Protocol

2022.01.21 01:14 crytoloover Multiverse Fighters Promo | Fight and Earn | Based on NEAR Protocol

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2022.01.21 01:14 Strong__Horse Help naming an invented "heat-based" humanoid race for a story I'm working on.

I'm looking for 2 things about this race:

  1. Whether it bares any similarity to an existing race in any media.
  2. Name suggestions
Here are the details of the race: They live on a planet that is occasionally exposed to intense heat from their sun (for no longer than ~2 minutes at a time) and have adapted to withstand this heat. Their skin is very dark and glossy, becoming mildly reflective when exposed to direct sunlight. They grow bright white hair (which gets burned off in the event of a sun exposure). They are physically strong but not taller or shorter than regular humans. Their eyes have a variety of colors but the irises are slitted like a cat's and can close completely to allow them some visibility in very bright conditions (and the sclera is a dark brown, rather than white).
When exposed to heat they do not sweat, instead venting excess heat by simply radiating it off their skin in a slow, inefficient manner. When they reach a critical mass of heat (such as when exposed to direct sunlight or when engaging in intense physical activity) they pass out until their body can get their temperature down and go into a sort of stasis. As a result, they have adapted to be strong and fast so that when facing a threat they can attack and kill it quickly (before they pass out).
Their usual core body temperature is quite high. Below the boiling temperature of water, but not significantly. Their blood is a liquid metal which shunts heat to the surface of their skin through a system of capillaries. This makes them vulnerable to cold temperatures, as sufficient cold can make their skin become solid and brittle. Low temperatures that humans can withstand would kill someone of this race quite easily.
That's the basics. Bullet point overview as follows:
My preference for invented names are ones which are simple, without sounds that are difficult to pronounce.
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2022.01.21 01:14 j8chou [USA-CA][H] PayPal [W] 15oz WPM Handleless Pitcher Round Spout

Wondering if anyone has a 15oz WPM handleless pitcher with round spout. Let me know if anyone has one they want to part with. Thanks!
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2022.01.21 01:14 Awkward_Eye_4109 Clonazepam

What should i use with clonazepam to booat the vibe?
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2022.01.21 01:14 sreekarmv Got loud religious speakers to stop with logic

The village deity festival in my Tier III municipality in Andhra is in full swing. Speakers were blaring and I measured it at an average of 95db in a residential locality. Couple of people went and argued but it went no where. The temple folks instead got angry
Me and my brother went to the organizers and told them that loud speakers were obstructing our work.
Exact words used - "The festival is being conducted for the betterment of our town, instead noise is causing problems. Please UNCLE, can you please turn off the speakers."
Speakers went down in 5 minutes. Super proud that we managed to beat anger with logic and got noise levels down.
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2022.01.21 01:14 Xianboo Hello, anyone want to test a galaxy s21 fe battery case? welcome to pm me.

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2022.01.21 01:14 Athens_Grease Intel is set to to produce a Bitcoin mining chip

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2022.01.21 01:14 alwaysfloopthepig Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic

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2022.01.21 01:14 Braxyash upvote for a free video

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2022.01.21 01:14 sektrONE How long to cool down?

I’m looking for a new vape that is convenient for on the go use (easily pocketable) and am down to the Dynavap or the new XMax V3 Pro.
The ritual of heating the Dynavap appeals to my old combustion-loving self, but I’m wondering how long it takes to cool down to the point you don’t have to worry about burning yourself, putting it back in your pocket, or resting it on furniture?
I’d likely be using this out on walks/hikes most of the time (and at home in front of the tv) so concerned it would be inconvenient having to carefully hold it for an extended period of time before pocketing it if I just want one rip.
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2022.01.21 01:14 Apprehensive_Try4657 Stupid Tryhards

Why is it (especially on PS) as soon as you get 2 kills on one of them silly Tryhards, they leave?🤣🤣 Either that or they get on their Depressor like "Bro, I've got a toreador, you're coming off that thing" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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2022.01.21 01:14 android0698 Looking extremely cute while eating - Just Chitterwanti things.

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2022.01.21 01:14 Salt-Cat-1907 What does anal sex actually feel like?

Describe it as completely and detailed as possible.
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2022.01.21 01:14 harlowraven13 Where to find great written content?

I was wondering if there are any good sources for copy to use in mockups? I've collected some random things I've seen from other designs here and there or else just usually make it up.
What does everyone else do for content that you need to fill a design (that's not a photo, video, graphic, etc.)? Is there something else besides lorem ipsum generators?
Thanks for any leads! :)
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2022.01.21 01:14 Exact-Lawyer5279 BNPL Fintech Jifiti Launches First-of-Its-Kind Split Payment Solution

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2022.01.21 01:14 Kaleidoe GSPoses

Pose rings crashing game when used. I have sl framework and am using nemesis. Installing with Vortex.
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2022.01.21 01:14 CheezStyxx Do you think tattoos are attractive on either M/F/Both? Please elaborate.

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2022.01.21 01:14 cactuscock690 can you send me some good discord servers

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2022.01.21 01:14 ShortAlgo $SIG Look at this! 7 Trades executed, trade Profitability of 85% and Profit Factor of 3. 15 minute chart.

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2022.01.21 01:13 DamagedMindsCo Bought into a raffle for $21 (3 slots), came up with this 👀

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2022.01.21 01:13 KingBlaz3420 Help

Anyone got a diagram of what minerals are what, picture to word or such?
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2022.01.21 01:13 hazzydaze Fired a customer and it felt amazing

Was working a deal with a customer out of state to sell a car . We went over number and everything. We even had email confirmation. The day before delivery I went and did a final walk around the car .
The customer texted me that it was the wrong car. I scramble when he mentioned it to me . While doing research he calls me and asked me “what’s going on”.
I was explaining to him that I don’t understand how this happened as not only did we talk about it , but I had my financial advisor speak to him .
As I tried to tell him that I could forward the email with the exact details he stopped me and said “I don’t want that. “ …..
I saw where this was going . He was trying to throw me under the bus, and claim I messed up to get a discount. Little does he know I’m only at this job because of money and the minute a better job offer comes around I’m gone .
At this point he is getting very aggressive saying “you fucking messed up at your job, you don’t know what your doing .” I calmly told him “you know what this isn’t going to work.” Then hung up.
I quickly went and noted on his account that it was a potential fraud , I new this would stop any sales person or call center to not even attempt to help him.
I am poor yes, I am desperate for money yes. However my dignity is worth more then what the deal was worth ($200).
After a little bit of reaching, looks like this was not his first encounter with the company it was noted by another salesman that he became extremely aggressive over the phone.
It felt so good to hang up the call. It felt so good knowing I ruined his chance at getting his “dream car” for a awesome price . Funny part is he states he’s a salesmen . Now when he calls no one wants to help him. YOUR FIRED.
TLDR; tried to sell a guy a car. Got aggressive started to swear and belittle me . Hung up on him and reported his account as potential fraud so no one will help him .
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2022.01.21 01:13 chronicallysearching If you had unexplained pain starting in 2021

This might explain why
vaccine cause long haul
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2022.01.21 01:13 polreaditfirst Can anyone help, I’m trying to achieve this look with the scene files of a hpx170.

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2022.01.21 01:13 Flameofthegrave Quick drawing of Brian Pillman Jr. Before last night's AEW

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